Integrated Metering & Settlement System

An Integrated Metering & Settlement system provided at respective LDC or control center will manage all functionalities of collection of metering data validate the data, store the data in database , and manage the complete metering system under the grid in one system in redundant hardwares. Software will also have a scheduler for scheduling the task of collection of metering data from all the substation outstations periodically. The Aguilon CSS will be also part of this package which will collect data from existing PASS systems from different sites and the data bases of each plant will be integrated to the CSS DB of the Aguilon CSS .

The IMSS is a combination of CMS (Central Metering System ) & CSS (central settlement system ) offered under one seamless system which would increase the performance the data acquisition & data validation of both systems under one combined platform hence giving utilities opportunities to save costs on hardware maintenance & heavy investments on individual systems for central metering & central settlement systems.