Plant Accounting & Settlement System

Accounting & Settlement system is an important functionality for a plant which exports power and water. To perform this functionality the system needs to get various power and water meter data readings along with certain process parameters from the distributed control system. It generates the monthly invoices based on the power and water purchase agreements. AG-PASS is an integrated module of AGUILON platform which supports the accounting and settlement functionality.

It performs various functionalities like communicating with meter data system, DCS and perform various tariff calculations as per power/water purchase agreements and generates the monthly invoice reports. As part of the AG-PASS, Fuel Demand Model (FDM) a sub-module is utilized for an integrated power and water plant where MSF is used. FDM module is used to predict the fuel and steam demand based on the existing load conditions. AG-PASS is a user-friendly system which is highly flexible enough to build invoice and reporting functionalities based on change in power and water purchase agreements over a period of time.



Real-time meter data acquisition & validation

Online and offline tariff calculation

User configurable calculation

Easily incorporate revised PPA & WPA

Long-time storage with redundancy support

Real-time/Historical trends & charts


1. Tariff Calculation & Outputs

Tariff Calculation Module is core of settlement system which calculates the Water & Energy (Power) charges and generates the monthly report and Invoices. To perform the Tariff calculations, the system reads the meter data from AMR system and relevant process parameters from DCS. The calculations are performed based on the Power/Water Purchase agreement provided based on the different geographical conditions. The unique feature of the system is that user has the flexibility to adjust the model (Tariff calculation) based on the change in Power/Water purchase agreement

2. Fuel Demand Modelling (FDM)

Fuel Demand Model is a thermodynamic model-based system for combined water and power plant which predicts the oil/gas demand based on the existing load and environmental conditions. It combines the complete thermodynamic model of the power and desalination plant. The model is developed based on the various environmental and plant demand conditions. Based on the existing demand in the desalination plant, the FDM predicts the appropriate amount of steam and fuel required to be utilized.

3. Invoice | Reporting Tool

SThe system stores the result in a dedicated database provided as part AG-PASS based on the various calculations performed by the Tariff Calculation Module. It contains a set of standard reporting template which allows user to generate monthly report for raising the invoice based on the exported water/Power.