Unit Commitment (UCom)

Aguilon-UCom is an advanced optimization functional module of Aguilon Analytics Platform which performs the optimized operation in terms of load allocation patterns/set points and Unit commitment for the power plants connected with Load Dispatch Center. Unit Commitment refers to a sequence of generating Plant/Unit Startup and Shutdown commands provided during the Generation Schedule of the plant according the load demand from the Load/Power dispatch centers. Unit Commitment choose the combination of available generating units to meet demand in order to minimize operating/purchase cost of the power.

Key features of UCom

The schedules produced are better than those that could be found manually or by 'priority-order' methods, leading to large savings in annual fuel costs and higher annual profits.

A wide variety of constraints and plant types can be modelled, including complicated scheduling constraints, non-linear cost curves, energy-limited plant, power purchase agreements and emission constraints.

It is relatively easy and quick to introduce new constraints and features and to modify the software as circumstances change

Built-in plant performance calculation templates as per ASME PTC standards

Easy integration with other systems like plant management system and plant performance monitoring system

All equipment status will be available in real-time through Aguilon web application

In-built curve fitting tool to incorporate plant cost curves and heat rate curves.

Seamless integration of all market parameters into network model

Numerous reporting facilities, and result visualizations, including energy plots and dispatch schedules

Post-assessment tools for detailed investigations

Automated generation of optimal solution scenarios and time series

Benefits of UCom

Optimized Operating Cost

Better Fuel Utilization

Reduced Emissions

Increased Reliability